Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Shower Invitation Directions

Directions on Baby Invites

I promised I would show the directions to the baby shower invites I posted last week. Here they are. Because I had to make so many invitations, I ran out of the blue paper shown above. So I ended up doing half like the above and half green stripes with blue overlay. Which doesn't bother me, saves me a trip to the store and no one is one the wiser.

I love using these little shapes, I am not sure what you would call them. They come from the Create-a-Critter cartridge for the Cricut. I cut these out at 3.5 inches. 

I cut out the bottom layer at 4.5 by 5.5

Using the above stamps I then proceeded to emboss the invitiations. The She's Expecting stamp came from the dollar bin stamps at Michaels. (Gosh I love those stamps) The Your'e invited stamp came from Hobby Lobby for 7.99 and I used a 40% off coupon of course.
Using the silver embossing powder from Michaels and the Martha Stewart embossing pad. I embossed the invitations. I didn't take a picture of the process but here is the tool I used. You simply take the desired stamp, stamp it on the embossing pad, just like you would a regular stamp pad. You then stamp down on the paper. Then taking your powder you sprinkle over the area you stamped. I always do this on sheet of paper as seen above. That way I can funnel the left overs back in to the container. Once you remove the excess powder you turn on the embossing tool and dry the area just like a blow dryer, which I hear could also work. 

Here is what you come up with. I love the silver and how it turns out, so pretty!

Next I took some polka dot ribbon, found at Joann's. 

Whole punched the bottom layer, inserted the ribbon and tied a bow.

 Using an adhesive runner, which I believe holds the best (especially if you are mailing them), I glued the layers together. This adhesive runner is from Michaels. All that is left is to fill in the required information and ship those bad boys out and you are done.

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