Saturday, June 9, 2012

Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is coming up, have you made your Dad a card? My friend Monica came over and we both made our Dad's a card, using my Cricut. 

Here is my card, the owls are from Create-a-Critter, the Happy Father's Day is from Simply Charmed. 

Here is Monica's wonderful dinosaur card. From Create-a-Critter and Simply Charmed as well.

I think they came out cute. Hope our pops' like them!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

I threw my sister a bachelorette party. I wanted to do something a little more fun and unique. So I had the girls participate in a scavenger hunt. 

I surprised Tracy, telling her we were going to dinner with Monica (one of the bridesmaids). All while I enlisted the help of another bridesmaid, giving her the materials to go to the restaurant early and they graciously set the table how I had asked.  The party was a hit. Afterwards, I had surprised her with booking a very nice hotel room, completely decked out with pink balloons and champagne. Afterwards, the girls and I went down to the bar and partied, while the bridesmaids played their scavenger hunt.

Inside favor bags were either 27 dresses or Bride Wars which were both on sale at Target for cheap. A bachelorette disposable camera which I also got at Target in the dollar section. A scavenger hunt checklist which will I upload separately and a pen.

Armed with their cameras. The ladies were given the following:

Your mission if you choose to accept is to complete the following in the fastest time or the most points win.

 Please have a stranger sign off on your sheet for each challenge that is completed.

1. The Bride-to-be needs some ideas in the bedroom for the Wedding Night!! Take photos showing her 3 new ideas. 10 points for each photo. 20 if the photo involves a guy.

2. One of the Brides favorite wedding traditions is being carried over the threshold, but she needs some ideas on how to do it. Take a picture of you being carried over a threshold and make sure to give it your own unique spin. 20 points for each photo.

3. The Bride is SO excited for the Wedding Night that she feels like every where she looks she sees a reminder of the Grooms "macho". Take pictures of phallic objects to show her she's NOT seeing things! Earn 10 points for each photo . . . 20 points for each photo that contains a hot guy.

4. Confront a guy from a group and tell him you've been looking all over for him and call him "Chad". 10 points

5. Ask a guy to practice walking down the aisle with you. 10 points

6. Meet a guy with the same name as the groom-to-be and get the bride-to-be's picture taken with him. 10 points

7. Find a guy with an out-of-state Drivers License. Who knows if it's a fake ID or not . . your only purpose is to find someone who isn't a townie! 10 points

8. Buy an ugly guy a drink. 5 points

9. Buy a cute guy a drink. 5 points

10. Sing I'm a little Teapot with all the actions. 10 points

11. Get a guy to serenade the Bride. 10 points

12. Get a hug from a bald guy. 5 points

13. Find a guy with pretty eyes. 5 points

14. Get the cutest guy in the bar to take a picture of the party. 10 points.