Sunday, April 6, 2014

Winter Wonderland First Birthday Party

My nephew Kaden. Recently turned one so I threw him a winter wonderland birthday.

I was going to make a cake but then I saw these adorable snowmen cake that Albertsons had around the holidays. 

We had a hot cocoa bar with tons of options for people to add to their cocoa. Putting the add ons in blue mason jars added a little flair. 

 Their choices consisted of candy canes, chocolate chips, caramel, mini marshmelows, mint chocolate chips and cookie straws. 

Guests picked thier own mini mason jar to drink out of. Adorned with snowflake felt stickers from Michaels and ribbon. Paper straws to drink from.

I made my drink dispenser a melted snowman. By taping Eyes to him, adding a hat made out of a black paper cup and black plate, wrapping a scarf around him and laying a carrot next to him.

Food consisted of all things snowmen like. 
Snowmen arms.

Snowmen noses. Little baby carrots. 

Snowballs, Donut holes.

Puff Pastry (recipe) and cupcakes with the most amazing buttercream. We made snowflakes using chocolate wafers, melting them and squeezing the designs from a fine tip squeeze bottle on to wax paper.  

Garlic Basil Feta Dip. So good especially dipping the snowman noses into it. 

 Although they are not snowman related either. We served green chile tortilla rolls.

To make green chile tortilla rolls.

You need to first grab some cream cheese and diced green chile. 
Mix in a bowl.
Spread on to a flat tortilla. 
Roll up the tortilla and cut into small bite sized pieces. 

Pin the Nose on Frosty. I took an old presentation board from my masters class and painted a snowman. I then cut out carrots and made them sticky. Kids were blindfolded and had to pin the nose on frosty. The winner got a chocolate snowman. The windows were frosted with frost in a can. 

Kiddie guests brought home their very own snowflake pail from Target filled with light up snowflakes and an assortment of  candy.